Premae Dr Clare Anyiam-OsigweWho are we?  Premae ® – the blend of two words, Premium and Formulae. Premae Skincare ® was created by multi-awarded Allergist, Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, A Dip. one of the UK’s Top 20 natural beauty experts and British Empire Medalist, for services to Dermatology. Starting a makeup artist career at the Body Shop in 2001 before being headhunted by Oriflame, (kindly declined the offer to become an in-house formulator)  Clare’s knowledge of the scientific structure of Alkaline skincare spans across 15 years.   Clare began using makeup and skincare to mask Acne and Eczema. The alchemy of mixing and blending natural ingredients became Clare’s personal past time over the next 7 years, as a quest to resolve her own skin issues and rebuild her confidence. During 2009, Clare began producing handmade products, which mirrored her Vegan diet, to provide skin solutions for Londoners with skin symptoms similar to hers. After 12 months of testing the formulations, Premae launched in 2011. Premae’s Phyto Nutrient (plant based), Vegan, Alkaline (PH6+), Freefrom formulations seemed to be a winning combination and a much sought after solution for unpredictable skin symptoms such as Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema. The brand very quickly became Multi-Award Winning within 6 months of launching, for Clemensy Face Balm, Triumph Face Balm and Gallant Face Balm for MEN. Clare became a multi-award winning Founder and CEO at Premae, acknowledged with awards as an ‘Educator’, ‘Makeup Artist’, ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ ‘Personal Achievement’. Premae has been featured in over 100 magazines and over 5,000 beauty blogs since launching almost 5 years ago in Dec 2011. Featured TV and press coverage in French Cosmopolitan, U.S Marie Claire, Forbes Africa and U.K Vogue Magazine have built brand awareness globally amongst Premae’s targeted audience: aspirational women aged 18 – 65.

Premae Skincare is officially world renowned for being the 1st luxury Vegan approved beauty brand to:

1) be Allergy UK Awarded, 2012 2) be completely ‘freefrom’, creating a new niche of skincare free from Treenuts, Soy, Wheat and Oats and Gluten – as well as all parabens, petrochemicals and SLS Free. 3) produce Mango Butter based Foundations for women of all ethnicities The brand: is aimed at women of all ages who wish to build their confidence with sensitive beauty products.   Premae Skincare’s mantra is Doing Pretty Well  – We make products to help you look pretty and feel confident.

Eco-Ethical Values:

All of our ingredients are 100% Vegan and natural and unrefined. Our manufacturing process is assessed, appraised and certified for our 100% non-animal testing policy by PETA.

Environmental Values:

Our customers benefit from up cycling their used packaging, they send back to use and enjoy a flat rate fee of £40 for 6 items! (£6.50/ item regardless of the retail price – massive savings). We refill their packaging and relabel it. This encourages women to think about the wider community and our own personal ethical care of the planet.