• Pharma100 Skin Allergy Elimination Set

Pharma100 Skin Allergy Elimination Set

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Envision this:

Your skin feeling like silk. Soft and refined. Your complexion looking clear and blemish-free. You will be complimented on how healthy your skin looks when you use Pharma100 products. This will make you feel so appreciated and gorgeous. That’s right, we only want the best for your best skin yet!

Completely regain your smooth skin texture.

This set is the best naturally Vegan anti ageing range, suitable for men, women and children at any age who feel their skin is showing systems disharmony (intolerance, allergies or stress from other health conditions).

Take 5 minutes per day – 2 mins in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening to cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply your oil if needed. Enjoy the process by massaging the products with your hands or cotton pads into the face, neck and ear lobes for absolutely refreshed and invigorated looking skin.

Let the bergamot sooth any under skin irritations, whilst the Coconut and Olive improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin.


Product Description

Pharma100 Skin Allergy Elimination Set – replenishes and restores troubled skin. Awarded ‘Best Eczema range’ by Natural Health Awards 2014. The Coconut based cleanser enriched with bergamot oil is perfect for cleansing the skin gently from hair to toe, use it everywhere as desired. Conditions the skin and allows you to cleanse without the need to rinse with tap water. Enjoy all for products to protect the skin against environmental damage, pollutants.   Toner– Water texture. Rose and Bergamot base. Spray clean skin 4-6 times onto a cotton pad. Let the pores dry naturally or blot the pores with a clean cotton pad. Removes excess oil or left over cleanser. Minimises pores. Creme Lotion – Cream texture. Aloe Vera and Olive Base. Use your finger. apply a pea size amount into your palm. Massage into the face and and body. Reapply during the day if your skin doesn’t retain moisture or you experience redness/ rashes. Body & Scalp Oil – Satin oil texture. Jojoba and safflower, vitamin A Rich. Excellent for pouring into the bath as a body oil. Use on the scalp to massage excema or Psoriasis plaques. Pump a drew drops into your lotion if you have extreme dry patches on the face or body. A versatile product to be used as desired.


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